5 months ago
1st Saturday 2014

Lewis Allan Reed
March 2nd, 1942 - October 27th, 2013

"In the midst of all the make-believe madness, the mock depravity and the pseudo-sexual anarchists, Lou Reed is the real thing."

Happy birthday to Lou Reed, who would have been 72 today! I first started listening to The Velvet Underground and Lou’s solo work shortly after Lou died and now I just can’t seem to stop. Thank you, Lou, for giving us some of the most extraordinary music of all time. We miss you dearly.

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Who I Am
Emma, a Canadian female who very much likes Ringo Starr.
Charlie Watts is another human being whom I adore.
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Fool's Paradise - The Crickets // Brain Damage - Pink Floyd // Love Minus Zero/No Limit - Bob Dylan // Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac // Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House